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The problem

When developing a corporate design, designers easily fall into an endless cycle of polishing and rotating. The majority of designers tend to perfection and with each new iteration and idea comes something new that wants to be implemented. There is usually a deadline for customer projects, but if the customer is a design agency himself, the challenge is to reach the "that's it!" State.

The old logo

The logo

To contradict the former identity of seitenwind, which was a purely typographic game between the companies name and the owner's initials. I wanted to create something more meaningful, something that has more usage. I decided to design the new seitenwind logo based on the dynamics of variable OpenType fonts. This way, the brand has endless display options.

Variable fonts for a variable web

"Beyond design" and "always beta" are the guiding principles of my concept. This means, for example, that a logo with a 13 mm margin specified in the manual must be a thing of the past. It has to be consistent and work on a variety of devices, print products or even unknown, future media. In addition, the attention is also on the quality of the process. It embodies an attitude, an innovative one in which change is a constant companion. The logo is therefore variable and that's exactly how an agency needs to be. Adaptable and on the heels of the zeitgeist. Anyone who comes to a stop in a time that is in constant change, simply lost!

The new logo

The typeface is a variable, mono linear typeface that allows typographic interactions. The letters are designed to work as mechanical variations and follow strict rules: closed shapes are rounded, open shapes are angular. This balance breaks the technical aesthetics with a soft, human touch.

Design system

With the wish to achieve a neutral look and feel, I opted for a timeless black and white combination. However, in order not to keep everything monotone I added a fluorescent red as an accent that is used to a minimal degree to spark life into it all.

Design system

Grid system

This grid is an organizing system for the visual design of seitenwind. It is designed to maintain continuity to graphical elements and/or typography on a surface.

Grid system

The product

Presentation template
Business cards
New website

Photo shooting

In the end I directed the conception and execution of the employee photo shoot. The staging should best reflect the authenticity, diversity, but above all the humanity of the team.


For the next stage in the digital age