Disruptive Rebranding – Lamurista

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  • Art Direction
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  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
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  • Lamurista GmbH

The briefing

"Lamurista is more than a superficial product, Lamurista is a way of life, a promise to traditional craftsmanship, appreciation and loyalty among business partners are just as important as the passion for new and innovative surfaces."

The Lamurista Credo

Alexander Baumer and Robert Paulus wanted to reflect their credo and authenticity in their corporate identity.

The old logo
A new responsive logo

The goal

The goal was to deliver an identity that is a true reflection of the brand in order to drive forward Lamurista's work and mission in Germany.

Product branding

I've developed a visual style that combines a classic base with a daring level above. The "grungy" style gives the communication elements that speak to a broader audience, than traditional crafting businesses would.

Business cards
New website

Image video

In order to expand the customer base even further I designed and directed an image film together with Ueberbild.

I arranged and directed a photo shoot on the basis of a scenographic photo briefings I developed.