iOS app for the Mercedes-Benz F015

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"Self-driving cars have been a human dream for decades. Now they are finally coming and announcing a new era of mobility. Relaxed, we would slide from A to B, freed from everything that makes driving a chore and dangerous today. Accidents, traffic jams, wrong turns? [...] On the way to autonomous driving the biggest hurdle is not technology - it is the fear of machines. The fear of loss of control. "

— Stefan Beutelsbacher

The problem with artificial intelligence is the fear of losing control and the resulting discrepancy to fully automated transportation, which inevitably stops progress.

The placebo effect is my solution of choice. We sometimes need some reassurance and want to hear what we already believe in. It's about giving people the feeling of being in control, even if they're not.

Mercedes-Benz F015

The goal

An app designed to alleviate the fear of human-machine interaction with Level 5 autonomous vehicles. One of the main tasks, when designing the app, was to reduce the user's workload to an absolute minimum. Operation should be very simple and straightforward.

Align the goals with user needs

The first user research led to many nice-to-haves, such as the desire for fun and entertainment, based on milieu-specific consumer groups. Due to the lack of time, I focused on the minimum viable product, business goals and organizational capacity. Important areas such as optimizing the UX, converting, and recognizing and processing warnings were dealt with in the foreground.


The structure

With the help of the research results, use cases, user flows, wireframes and prototypes could be designed for testing.

User flow

Modular design system

The apps design system was specially designed for scalability so that components work well together and can work well on different device resolutions. Nevertheless, the corporate design of Mercedes-Benz had to be taken into account, of course.

Custom icons

The product

Splash Screen Animation
Location Map
Usage Analysis
Voice UI
Standby Notification
Notification Solution suggestion
Arrange appointments and handle them autonomously

Use Case "error:40"

What if, despite all precautions, a conflict arises? The app's algorithm tries to avoid such errors.

Error Detection
Error Detection Method

The best or nothing.